Monday, January 16, 2012

Closet Dilemmas

So, my closet is a disaster. 
And now you're like "Blah. The woes of a fashion blogger. Shut up." 
No, actually I'm serious: my closet is a horrible, messy conglomeration of cheetah print, lace, tulle and knit scarfs. If I had to relate it to anything, I'd probably say it's reminiscent of  that random October snow storm...three days after it stopped snowing.

My usual routine is to organize it every other week: refold the jeans, match the shoes I lazily kick off after school, pick up what fell off the hangers, and whatever else needs tending to. But with midterms dangerously close (ah!) and my winter-induced hibernation/perpetual laziness mode kicked into high gear, I have no time for this. I'm realizing now that I can't live with this routine forever. 
I plan on adding more pictures so you can get a better visual of my closet, but here's the problem(s): I have no proper place to store my shoes. They're a jumble at the bottom of my closest's floor, and inhabit shelves I could use for clothes. What I could use to hang my shoes (on my closet door) is occupied by my scarves, which hang on a skirt hanger, frequently sliding to the floor. 

Any ideas? Where do you store your scarves and shoes? What's your closet-cleaning routine like?