Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Vintage Dot

Happy Tuesday! This one's all vintage, except the scarf, which I got at a street fair this weekend. (Anybody notice that lion...? That's strange. It's certainly not there because I get way too entertained by the "sticker" section of Picnik...nope. That can't be it.) Anyway, this is quite the strange pattern clash, and way out of my usual comfort zone (solids!) but I was looking through some of the hidden - literally hidden, by all the stuff I have in there - gems of my closet and happened upon this romper. Hope you guys like it!
Also, be sure to check out my guest post on The Basis NYC about this weekends fun at Coachella!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Festival Creature - Coachella/GUEST POST TONIGHT

(tUne - yArDs Merrill Garbus in literally the coolest dress I've ever seen, worn during her set at Coachella )
THE COACHELLA LINE UP IS FANTASTIC. Next year I'm going. There's no holding me back.  I'll walk to California if I have to (although, I think from New York it'd be quite the trek).
 Last night, some of my favorite bands (tUne - yArDs, The Vaccines, Andrew Bird, St. Vincent, Miike Snow, Radiohead, Boniver) were on, and on Friday, the Arctic Monkeys (my all time favorite band) went on twice. Holy cheesus. I think I'd die of happiness right then and there.
Yes, I just said cheesus.
Anyway, I've been tuning in here on and off all day to watch it via Coachella's YouTube channel. And...a very exciting announcement: I'll be guest posting all the juicy details about Coachella, the style, the bands, the bananas (okay, not bananas) on my best friend Natalie's blog, The Basis NYC tonight! 

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Robots & Progress

Me trying on a lovely spring dress. It's not like I have an essay to write or anything. Procrastinating? Nope.
Anyway, the dress is vintage and paired with my lovely Jeffrey Campbell leopard and patent leather loafers and some obnoxiously purple socks. And I really don't know why there's a robot by my feet. It has nothing to do with me procrastinating. Because I'm not.