Sunday, April 15, 2012

Festival Creature - Coachella/GUEST POST TONIGHT

(tUne - yArDs Merrill Garbus in literally the coolest dress I've ever seen, worn during her set at Coachella )
THE COACHELLA LINE UP IS FANTASTIC. Next year I'm going. There's no holding me back.  I'll walk to California if I have to (although, I think from New York it'd be quite the trek).
 Last night, some of my favorite bands (tUne - yArDs, The Vaccines, Andrew Bird, St. Vincent, Miike Snow, Radiohead, Boniver) were on, and on Friday, the Arctic Monkeys (my all time favorite band) went on twice. Holy cheesus. I think I'd die of happiness right then and there.
Yes, I just said cheesus.
Anyway, I've been tuning in here on and off all day to watch it via Coachella's YouTube channel. And...a very exciting announcement: I'll be guest posting all the juicy details about Coachella, the style, the bands, the bananas (okay, not bananas) on my best friend Natalie's blog, The Basis NYC tonight!